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The Glucographer glucose charting pages

Welcome to the Glucographer*, a web-based blood glucose charting tool for diabetics. With the glucographer, you can enter glucose levels and produce charts of that data whenever you have access to the internet. The glucographer keeps track of your previously entered glucose values, so all you need to enter is those recent test results which you have not already entered. You may also edit previously entered values.

Your identity* and privacy* are protected* by your username and password. You should not generally share these with anyone, other than perhaps with your doctor and spouse or other caregiver. If you do not already have a glucographer username and password, just enter the username and password you would like to use, and press the "Create" button; otherwise, enter your username and password and press the "Login" button. (You may also use the "Enter" key on the keyboard instead of the "Login" button if you prefer.) Be sure to remember your username and password, since due to the way passwords are stored, it is not possible for anyone to determine your password. It is stored in an encrypted format.

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* The glucographer is provided as a free service to the diabetic community by Elijah Laboratories Inc.

* The glucographer does not ask you to supply any identifying information other than a username and password. These may be anything you like, and need not provide any clues to your true identity. Your real identity is unknown to the glucographer.

* The free glucographer service does not purport to comply with the privacy requirements of HIPPA, nor is it anticipated that it ever will do so. If this is a concern to you, then you should not use the glucographer.

* The glucographer does not yet support SSL encryption, so if you are concerned about your private medical data, or your username and password, being "sniffed", such as could occur if you are logging in from some corporate networks (or if the FBI is running Carnivore to monitor your internet usage!), then you should refrain from using the glucographer until such time as SSL encryption is supported.

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