You are being watched!
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You are being watched!

You are being watched!

This network, belonging to Elijah Laboratories Inc., is being monitored. All internet packet traffic on this network is captured and logged to a large disk storage system. Each packet is captured in its entirety -- every last bit. Every 24 hours, the packet log is compressed and rolled into an archive. This archive is backed up nightly.

Graphs of this traffic are available for your viewing pleasure. As time goes on, additional graphs will be developed to show traffic to the different ports, traffic by systems outside this network communicating with systems on this network, probes, intrusion exploit attempts, etc.

This means that if you are attempting to scan this network, or any machines on it, or to compromise the security of any of these machines, or to intrude or otherwise crack or molest the machines on this network, that you should be aware that forensic evidence is being gathered that will enable the complete reconstruction of your exploits at some later time. This evidence is stored on a machine not visible to the internet, and backed up to tape.

In other words, we have a complete record of every move you make while you are accessing this network. We have surveillance data that could be used to incriminate you if you are engaged in illegal activities on this network. We are watching every footstep that you make; we have a record of your every footprint; watch your step!

This is really no different than the security video cameras at stores and banks. We are just very tired of being broken into by all the "script-kiddies". Next time, you will be caught!

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