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Hammond Organ & Leslie Information

"Down at the Cross" played by Bishop Keith Darnell Goudy-Johnson

This page provides links to sites on the web that have helpful information or hard to find parts for classic tonewheel Hammond organs and Leslie speaker cabinets. These wonderful instruments that are so important to our mode of worship are no longer being made. In fact, Hammond stopped making the electro-mechanical tonewheel organs in 1974. It is important to preserve these magnificient instruments and keep them in tip-top working order. They are like a modern Stradovarius. There are digital immitations, but the real thing is still the best!

  • The Hammond-Leslie FAQ
    Index page to lots of good information. Schematics, history, etc.
  • Goff Professional
    Good source for parts and great advice. Dave Vumback does the organs of some very famous people, from churches and choirs like the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, to jazz and blues musicians like Joey Defrancesco, to rock stars like Keith Emmerson and Gregg Allman.
  • Trek II Products
    Lots of replacement parts, and some custom electronics for Hammonds & Leslies.
  • "Eden's Technical Service"
    Hammond organ repair and rebuilding, and some hard to find enhancement modules.
  • "B3 Guys"
    Hammond organs, parts, rentals, etc. Some very hard to find parts here!
  • BB Organ
    Hammond organs, parts, rentals, chopped B3's. BB Organ is the home of the Hamptone Motor Control.
  • Captain Foldback's Hammond & Leslie page
    Hammond organ and Leslie information, schematics, serial number dating, etc. A wealth of great information here!
  • KCA NOS Tubes
    Good selection of "new old stock" tubes. These are unused tubes that were made in the 1960's or earlier, when vacuum tube electronic devices were still being made and designed. These are not new "clones" of old designs, but the actual antique tubes in new original boxes.

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